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Planning a Halloween costume in advance may not be my strength, but putting one together last minute -my specialty!  

If you haven't yet committed to a Halloween costume because your plans are not set in stone or you've spent the last three weeks studying the armour on your offspring's favorite superhero/princess, you are not alone! 

Here is the quickest way to throw together a last minute costume without looking "thrown together".

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas- Dalmatian

1. Concept & Main Items: Start your costume with one spectacular item already in your closet. Find something that will inspire the rest of your look.  In this case it was my fun polka dot top that could easily be transitioned into a Dalmatian, Cruella de Vil, or Minnie Mouse.  It can be anything, but get creative.  (Hint: If your creative juices are not flowing, do a quick Google search ie. "costumes with polka dots")

     Easy Halloween Costume - Dalmatian

    2. Accessorize and Improvise: Don't worry about perfection and always improvise. I didn't have time to find a red dog collar, so a simple red ribbon did just fine.

    Polka Dot Tunic Top Damatian Costume

      3. Make-up: Keep it simple to avoid another Pinterest fail.  A little eye-liner can go a LONG way in creating a dog nose or whiskers.

      Act the part + enjoy yourself!  Feel free to share your costume ideas with us below!



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