• Cinco de Mayo: Fashion, Facts, + Recipes

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    cinco de mayo fashion ideas


    As we're getting ready to share Cinco de Mayo ideas & recipes, I can't help but scratch my head and think, "But, why?"  

    Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate the true David & Goliath moment between Mexico and France.  An unlikely victory for the Mexican army as they defeated the occupying French soldiers under Napoleon III on May 5, 1862.  This was a victory in the battle of Puebla, not to be confused with Mexico's independence day in September. 

    How this turned into a holiday celebrated more in the United States than any other country, we may never know.  But I can't argue that it's not a fun one to celebrate. 

    So whether you are hosting, attending, or simply grabbing a marg on the rocks at your local Mexican spot, we've got everything you need to turn your party into a fiesta.  

    fashion for cinco de mayo - limited edition straw hat

    SHOP: Straw hat (CHICASUAL); Tassel Earrings (Anthro)


    what to wear for cinco de mayo - featuring our bird printed tunic top

    SHOP: Printed Tunic Top (CHICASUAL)


    drink recipes for cinco de mayo

    Link to Recipes: Blackberry Lime; Spicy Cucumber; Mexican Mule


    (Please note: These ideas are inspired by Mexican culture, not meant to insult or exploit their history or traditions)


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  • How To Turn Basic Into Bold: Black + White Edition

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    How to Style Black & White

    “I have so much to wear! - said no woman, ever.

    Chances are, at least a third of your wardrobe is some variation of black & white.  While it may be the most sophisticated of color schemes, it can easily fall into the category of playing-it-safe, which is a major cause in the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome.  

    This week I decided to pull out a few of my favorite everyday pieces and put together a quick and easy guide for turning basic black & white into a bold new look.


    Black & White Outfit Ideas

    Tip #1: Mix it up

    Print pairing is much easier than you think, and there’s little room to fail when you’re working with black and white.  The goal is to find a balance between prints and our rule of thumb is to mix one large or bold print with a smaller ditsy print.  For example, a large stripe or color block would look best with a smaller stripe or polka dot.  (See more examples in our free printable mood board below) 


    How to mix black & white prints

     Tip #2: Weigh in

    Play around with different fabric weights and texture.  Pair a lightweight cotton blouse with a heavier weight textured pant or an overly structured blouse with a sheer flowy skirt.  This creates a more dramatic contrast between black and white solids for a look that is oh-so-chic.


    A metallic jacket will polish your look

    Tip #3: Add Metallic

    If you’re not into mixing prints and just want to quickly polish up your monochrome look, add a metallic accessory or jacket.  Some of our favorites this season are oversized metallic clutches, hammered satin bomber jackets, and metallic ankle boots. 


    Bonus Tip:  If you have light or olive skin tone, wear something black to separate your face from a white or light colored blouse to avoid looking washed out.  It can be a scarf, chunky necklace, or a color block top like this one.  


    Want more inspiration?  Click here to receive our free printable mood board created by our in-house designer, Sarah.  


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  • Why Dressing Your Age Is a Thing Of The Past…

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    No matter you’re age, 35 or 85, the “older” you are the more experience you have dressing your unique body type with your own unique flair. Sure, your style changes over time, but what you wear should be an expression of how you feel not how old you are.
    Our wise tip for dressing how you feel (or want to feel!) is


    Take the fabulous writer Alice Carey, for example, she obviously forgot the rules for dressing her “age”.
    • Pastels pair best with mature skin tones
    • Women over the age of 40 should not wear sleeveless tops or dresses
    • Mature women should refrain from wearing open toed shoes
              {If you didn't catch our sarcasm, this is your hint}


    Alice Carey, advanced style, fashion over 40, style, fashion, 40plus style, womens fashion, chic, casual, mature fashion

    Photo: Alice Carey, Author (Amazon) Photographer: Ari Seth Cohen- Advanced Style


    Instead she makes a bold style statement in citrine “I am confident, I am interesting, I am fashionable.” And dresses the way she feels young, comfortable, eccentric, & free.
    As you embrace your inner flair don't be afraid to break the rules and create your own style statement for getting dressed!

    Stop over thinking the negative; Does this make me look fat? Does this make me look old? Will my daughter kill me if I wear this? 

    Your style statement can be applied to your daily outfit selecting and to your shopping routine!  If you want to be creative, confident, and chic, only pick items that make you feel creative, confident, and chic
    Be your foremost voice when choosing your style, go with your instinct, and 

    embrace your inner flair!



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  • Create a Halloween Costume in 20 Minutes or Less

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    Planning a Halloween costume in advance may not be my strength, but putting one together last minute -my specialty!  

    If you haven't yet committed to a Halloween costume because your plans are not set in stone or you've spent the last three weeks studying the armour on your offspring's favorite superhero/princess, you are not alone! 

    Here is the quickest way to throw together a last minute costume without looking "thrown together".

    Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas- Dalmatian

    1. Concept & Main Items: Start your costume with one spectacular item already in your closet. Find something that will inspire the rest of your look.  In this case it was my fun polka dot top that could easily be transitioned into a Dalmatian, Cruella de Vil, or Minnie Mouse.  It can be anything, but get creative.  (Hint: If your creative juices are not flowing, do a quick Google search ie. "costumes with polka dots")

       Easy Halloween Costume - Dalmatian

      2. Accessorize and Improvise: Don't worry about perfection and always improvise. I didn't have time to find a red dog collar, so a simple red ribbon did just fine.

      Polka Dot Tunic Top Damatian Costume

        3. Make-up: Keep it simple to avoid another Pinterest fail.  A little eye-liner can go a LONG way in creating a dog nose or whiskers.

        Act the part + enjoy yourself!  Feel free to share your costume ideas with us below!


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      1. What We're Loving Right Now: Statement Earrings

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        Statement earrings are having a moment and so are tassels. I personally like this combination because tassels make a colorful statement without carrying the weight of a heavy earring. Trust me, I'm practical to the bone when it comes to fashion.  Why wear something when you're just going to want to take it off five minutes later?  
        Below are our picks + tips when it comes to matching. 



        SHOP:  Black + White Color Block Top;    Blood Orange Earrings
        Black + white is one of the easiest combinations in history and can make a statement all on its own. Keep things simple, by adding a pop of color to polish things off. In this case, we chose shocking blood orange fringed earrings. Try to avoid matching black + white statement earrings to your outfit as it can easily overwhelm your already black + white look. 



        SHOP:  Harbor Gray Tunic Top;    Tonal Fringed Earrings
        Not owning a neutral colored top is like not owning a toothbrush. The problem sometimes with neutrals is wearing them and looking "bleh". Luckily, this top is donned with fun little details and can stand alone just fine; however, it can still be played up with some chic statement earrings.  We decided to go tonal with a pop of cornflower blue.  



        SHOP:  Vivid Coral Tunic Top;    Fringed Earrings
        For many women, their first instinct when wearing color is to try and match their accessories to it.  This ritual may be something that our mothers or grandmothers taught us, but any stylist will tell you that that the purpose of accessorizing an outfit is to compliment, not overwhelm.  Think back to the complimentary colors on the color wheel (yes, it's really that simple).  In this case, we have paired our vivid coral tunic top with the most fun fringed tassel earrings.  These statement earrings have traces of coral with an emphasis on navy (orange across from blue on the color wheel). 


        Embrace your inner flair!



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