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No matter you’re age, 35 or 85, the “older” you are the more experience you have dressing your unique body type with your own unique flair. Sure, your style changes over time, but what you wear should be an expression of how you feel not how old you are.
Our wise tip for dressing how you feel (or want to feel!) is


Take the fabulous writer Alice Carey, for example, she obviously forgot the rules for dressing her “age”.
  • Pastels pair best with mature skin tones
  • Women over the age of 40 should not wear sleeveless tops or dresses
  • Mature women should refrain from wearing open toed shoes
          {If you didn't catch our sarcasm, this is your hint}


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Photo: Alice Carey, Author (Amazon) Photographer: Ari Seth Cohen- Advanced Style


Instead she makes a bold style statement in citrine “I am confident, I am interesting, I am fashionable.” And dresses the way she feels young, comfortable, eccentric, & free.
As you embrace your inner flair don't be afraid to break the rules and create your own style statement for getting dressed!

Stop over thinking the negative; Does this make me look fat? Does this make me look old? Will my daughter kill me if I wear this? 

Your style statement can be applied to your daily outfit selecting and to your shopping routine!  If you want to be creative, confident, and chic, only pick items that make you feel creative, confident, and chic
Be your foremost voice when choosing your style, go with your instinct, and 

embrace your inner flair!



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