Creator of chic and casual style

CHICASUAL is a compliment to the modern, free-minded and dynamic women that we proudly are.  With the perfect mix of chic & casual, we are confident we’ve found the ideal recipe for your style and everyday life. 

We believe it’s time for “fast-fashion” to step to the side, as we start reinvesting in the quality of the items we buy.  At CHICASUAL, we promote fashion longevity by offering quality fabrics with easy care, great fit, and timeless styling.  Our manufacturing is sourced locally, here in the USA, allowing us to build long lasting relationships with our highly skilled creators and makers. 

We are convinced getting dressed in the morning should be a fun outlet to show your true authentic self, your inner flair. Often your flair can be buried amongst all the neutrals in your closet.  That is why we make the effort to source fabrics in vibrant colors and artisanal prints.

Now go show some love to your closet and embrace your inner flair!


P.S. If you hate missing out on pretty things and want to join our dynamic community, join us here and we promise to keep you in the loop.